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a fruit liqueur made by Humbel in Stetten, Switzerland

Owing to the rich history of cherry brandies in Switzerland and the lack of quality maraschino on the market, Swiss-Croatian bartender Nicola Čolić worked together with Humbel, a traditional Swiss cherry brandy producer who pioneered the field of single-variety Kirsch, to bring to the market a maraschino-style liqueur that fills the gap: Made entirely from Swiss morello cherries, which are closely related to the Croatian maraska cherries used in maraschino, but have a darker, more complex taste. Their distillate is cut with cherry marc spirit to lend it bite. The result is a full-bodied liqueur with notes of fresh cherry marmelade, white almonds and black tea in the nose; and a body of stewed fruit and true marzipan to lend depth and a restrained fruit note to cocktails.

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