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a black tea made for white2tea in Lincang, Yunnan, China

Black Tea

What in English is called a 'black tea' in Asia is known as a red tea. 黒茶, however, is made differently, adding a step of bacterial fermentation either by aging the tea for several decades, or by keeping it in a moist and warm environment.


This is the name of a famous region for 黒茶, which lies near Burma. Teas from this region have a typical taste, which, when young, is marked by faint floral notes and a bitter minerality. This particular tea was commisioned by white2tea to capture this typical taste: The cup has a slender sweetness, faint plum orchard with some wine cellar wood notes, tree rosin and cucumber skin; dense and slightly bitter body.

Purchased by the author at white2tea as part of their terroir set.

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