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an oriental perfume made by Oliver Cresp for Mugler in 1992 that feels like:

Wonderbra, Wunderbar, America!

Nico Colic

This is the end of perfumery; now all bets are off. Ethylmaltol appears, and people think it's nice to smell of cotton candy. Kicked off the gourmand dessert craze. Before that, musks where white and clean; now they become dirty.

Fruity-floral chord of jasmin, mango and black currant carried by woody-sweet patchouli, contrasting the sweet cotton candy gourmand opening. Such a fizzy sticky sweet opening! Fizzy passionfruit on oakmoss base. Dry grapefruit. Some snapped green stems. Caramel passionfruit chocolate. Food notes and dirty musk.

Sold by the author through hundred scents.

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